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Awaken Yourself to SHUDrama this Spring

Words by Gabby Willis,

Having just put on an exciting production of the musical Spring Awakening (by Duncan Sheik and Steven Slater) at the Hubs on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April, it’s about time that SHUDrama steps into the Lifestyle & Culture spotlight and gets the standing ovation that it deserves.

Technically one of the university’s many societies, SHUDrama is a theatre company in its own right, boasting the title of Hallam’s biggest non-sporting club or society, and having won many awards over the years including ‘Best Event’ and ‘Outstanding Society of the Year’. Looking at the company’s wealth of past events and planned future productions, it is not hard to see why.

Image by Heather Isobel Photography - Courtesy of SHUDrama – Lead Spring Awakening cast members Rebecca Cleary (In the role of Wendla Bergman) and Toby Steers (playing Melchior Gabor).

Image by Heather Isobel Photography – Courtesy of SHUDrama – Lead Spring Awakening cast members Rebecca Cleary (In the role of Wendla Bergman) and Toby Steers (playing Melchior Gabor).

With many big name productions under their belt such What I Want to Say But Never will, Seussical, and Cabaret, SHUDrama continues to grow and break new boundaries. Upon speaking to Michael Hudson, a former public relations and media student who served on the committee as Marketing Manager and Secretary, and who is now an associate member after having graduated, it was clear how much pride the members of SHUDrama hold in their activities.

Michael speaks of a large family of friends living and working together, and is keen to say that the society has over 100 members from different courses from nursing to law and maths, and not just performing arts students. Members of SHUDrama may also attend society run workshops on skills and confidence, and take part in charity fundraisers. More information about these can be found on their website . SHUDrama has received media attention from the likes of The Sheffield Star and The PostCode Gazette, and we hope that they will only continue to reach new heights from here, especially after their daring staging of Spring Awakening, and with their upcoming productions.

After having attended the opening night of Spring Awakening, SHULife saw how energetic the cast and crew really were as they leapt their way through songs such as ‘The Bitch of Living’ and put their hearts and souls into ballads such as ‘The Word of My Body’ and ‘Touch Me’. Director Peter Nield, Producer Melissa Barber, and Musical Director Ellen Woods should all be extremely proud of what they have created here, which was a smoothly running show full of rocky themes, which all remain poignantly relevant in today’s society for our youth from their teens and often into their twenties.

Coming up in May, SHUDrama will also present their now annual Thestival, which Michael describes as “a 3 day theatre festival in HUBS that celebrates lesser known work or brand new writing from their members and other students from Sheffield”, and has been his own personal highlight of working with the company. Having gained an exceptional profit margin last year and also having been crowned Best Event at last year’s Hallam Union Society Awards, Thestival is not an event to miss this year.

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