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Live Review: Example at Sheffield O2 Academy


If you were wondering where everyone were yesterday night in Sheffield, they were all packed at the O2 Academy to catch Example following the successful release of his brand new single, 10 Million People.

Famous for his monstrous and ability to make the crowd bounce, Elliot Gleave, or better known as Example, had the crowd going with his older hits right through to tracks from Live Life Living, his latest album that was released this Summer.

The talented Londoner switched from rapping to singing flawlessly from song to song without any need of backing. Something that needs to be seen live without disregarding it as an edit in a song because Example showed how his songs required swift changes from rap to melodic singing and then back to rap again.

After some warm up songs, he had the crowd swaying to one of his famous hits, Say Nothing, from the album, The Evolution of Man. He then went back to one of his older songs, Watch The Sun Come Up.

Surprisingly, Example was a hit to the young and old with the venue being filled with a range of ages dancing away in their own groups. Throughout the night, Example was encouraging everyone to dance in groups and telling people to have group hugs. That itself made it quite an atmospheric night.

Taking a break from his constant dancing and performing, he said: “You better be better than Nottingham, Sheffield! I haven’t been back in awhile so it’s nice to see old faces.”

He moved on to All The Wrong Places, during which he shouted out “Bounce!” and hypnotically, everyone was jumping up and down in unison with their arms up in the air. Anyone who has been to an Example gig would know that bouncing is mandatory and the venue will feel like it has a life of its own when it starts vibrating due to the united bouncing.

After finishing off the song, he shouted: “Anybody going out after this? Saturday in Sheffield, yea!” and to be fair, the night was wild enough with Example being the host that he was. Going anywhere else to party that night would have just been a disappointment.

With little to no breaks between, Example carried out with Midnight Run and then Changed The Way You Kissed Me which the crowd were clearly highly anticipating.

He split the room in half to do a singalong to Playing In The Shadows, afterwhich he said: “Hold your friend closely and tell them you f******* love them.” Obviously, the crowd was as obedient as ever.

The likes of the bass song, Dirty Face and One More Day kept the crowd going before men were instructed to have their female companions on their shoulders.

He performed his newer tracks such as 10 Million People and Take Me As I Am, both of which are from his latest album, Live Life Living.

Unfortunately for everyone, the night drew to an end with another new song, Kids Again, before making sure he left no one disappointed by performing his successful song with Calvin Harris, We’ll Be Coming Back.

No doubt finding a place to continue the night would have proved difficult judging by all of our perspiration from dancing and bouncing. Needless to say, Example knows how to throw a good party.

Words By: Catherine Christy

Image Credits: Chuff Media