Slipknot Prepare for Hell 2015 Tour

Writer Shannon Westword was lucky enough to review the kings of metal who returned to Sheffield on Friday 16th January after a six year absence, bringing along their ‘brothers’ Korn to make up for their overdue return. This was the first date of their Prepare for Hell UK tour, and they most definitely kicked it off with a bang.
King 810 opened the show, but the majority of the arena were more interested in tasting the lager and pizza slices as opposed to listening to their performance. Every song sounded similar and they have a long way to go before they are on the same level as the headliners!

Up next was the magnificent Korn whose set was difficult to fault. Even after 20 years they proved to be just as popular as they were at the peak of their success. From the opener of ‘Twist’ to closing their set with their powerful debut single of ‘Blind’, the set list was well balanced with huge singles and album fillers, creating reminiscent moments for any long term fan.

Front man Jonathon Davis showed off his bagpipe playing talent at the beginning of ‘Shoots and Ladders’, however the stand out song of the set was the iconic metal anthem of ‘Freak on a Leash.’ The eerie bass line and crisp clean vocals raised the roof and after waiting years to see Korn I can honestly say I was not disappointed.

For any band performing after Korn would have been a tough act to follow. For Slipknot, this was no issue. The elegant white curtain was raised revealing how the staging lived up to their tour name. Commencing with ‘Sarcastrophe’, off the newly released ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’, the rotating drum podiums and pyrotechnics gave you the sensation that you would make your way to hell as the show continued. The energetic band members commanded the stage, especially from gas mask wearing Sid Wilson, who continuously jumped off the stage and back into his DJ booth.

The star moments of the gig were classic hits of ‘Before I Forget’ and ‘Duality.’ The rocking drum beats and piercing guitar riffs hit your soul and you could not help but to follow Corey Taylor’s instructions to ‘get your devil horns in the air.’ Closing the show with ‘Surfacing’, Slipknot definitely proved that even after 15 years they still have the same verve as they did when they were kids starting out. All in all it was a memorable fantastic theatrical performance.

Set-list for Korn: Twist// Here to Stay// Right Now// Love & Meth// Falling Away from Me// Good God// Hater// Shoots and Ladders (with snippets from Metallica’s ‘One’)// Got the Life// Freak on a Leash// Blind
Set-list for Slipknot: Sarcastrophe// The Heretic Anthem// My Plague// The Devil in I// Psychosocial// The Negative One// Eyeless// Vermilion// Before I Forget// Duality// Wait and Bleed// Spit it Out// Custer// (sic)// People = Shit// Surfacing

Words by Shannon Westwood

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