Hallam Union Officers take on Ice Bucket Challenge

Words By Karishma Ravalia

After the craze of Nek Nominations and No make-up selfies it was only a matter of time before something else popped up. Now it’s the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Originally started in the United States it has made its way across the globe, getting everyone involved even the Hallam Union Officers.

If you’re nominated for the challenge you have 24 hours to drop a cold bucket of water and/or ice over your body. As horrific as it sounds, it’s all for a good cause because once you’ve completed the challenge you donate some money to charity. In the UK the most popular donations have been to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Macmillan Cancer Support.

With celebrities such as George W Bush even taking part, it was only a matter of time before the Hallam Officers got a nomination too.

Hallam President, Emily Connor said, “Despite some of the bad press nomination challenges has received in the past I do believe it has been a fantastic way to raise awareness and money of a disease which a few weeks ago nobody had even heard of.”

As comedic as the challenge is, the whole point of throwing cold water over yourself is to understand how it feels to lose temporary movement as most people with MND do.

“We were keen as an officer team and as a Union to show our support,” said Emily

As the challenge dies down some people have been saying it’s become more about just throwing water over yourself. However one thing is a definite the amount of money raised has been staggering. The US charity ALS, which American participants have been donating to, received $98.2m from 29 July to 28 August.

Have you done the Ice Bucket Challenge yet?

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