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Meadowhall solves Shoppers Smartphone Problems

Words by Josie Ball

A new and free initiative has been launched in Meadowhall to prevent the age old phenomenon of having a very low phone battery just when you need it most.

Chargebox® provides a free and secure service to Meadowhall shoppers. The charging stations are conveniently located on the Upper OasisMH075_Chargebox Mezzanine part of the food court. The device even provides an array of chargers for, “most smartphones currently on the market,” making the service even more convenient.

Meadowhall Centre Director Darren Pearce said, “Customer feedback has told us that nine out of ten of our customers would feel stressed if their phone was out of action whilst out shopping and with modern day smart phones having a notoriously poor battery life, ChargeBox is our solution combating this annoying problem.”

Thirty minutes of charging time provides enough power to increase your phone’s battery life by 40%, without losing any valuable shopping time. Consequently, Meadowhall believe that the Chargebox® will be a valuable asset in the run up to Christmas.

However, Meadowhall are not the first major shopping centre to introduce this service. Europe’s largest urban shopping centre, Westfield in Stratford successfully installed several charging stations in the summer of 2012 in anticipation of an increased footfall.

How does it work?

Simply, find the corresponding charger for your phone and plug it in to one of the lockers. Once connected, there is a thirty second time frame to shut the locker and a key will be generated automatically. You will be able to return to the locker to retrieve your charged device after, or if you can’t wait, before the half an hour is up!

Shoppers have reacted very positively. For example, Amy, a L’Oreal consultant, seemed particularly excited about the new technology and tweeted @LoveMeadowhall, “OMG this is genius.” Moreover, Daniel, a second year Sheffield Hallam University student acknowledged the versatility of the device and said, “We should have a similar thing in clubs…they’re a great idea!”

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Images credited to Meadowhall Shopping Centre

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