Sheffield Hallam University Graduate, Hollie Moore, spoke to us about her rape ordeal and why victims should not be silenced. News

Sheffield Hallam University Rape Victim Speaks Out In Bid To Raise Assault Awareness

Sheffield Hallam University Graduate, Hollie Moore, 29, spoke to SHUlife about her rape ordeal which saw her attacker face jail for 3 years and 4 months.

In the Spring Issue of SHUlife Magazine, Hollie took us through the details of her rape, how her friends and family reacted, the tests involved, the questionings and of course what the attacker himself faced as consequences for his actions.

She said of her experience: “I was crying and tried to scream but he held my hair by the root and said ‘I will hurt you if you scream’. There was nothing I could do.”

The brave graduate told us everyone has to drink responsibly but being drunk is never an excuse for rape.

“These are our bodies and you are not welcome unless you are invited. Don’t make assumptions based on clothing and behaviour.”

Hollie was raped in 2013 during a Halloween night out. Below is a picture she sent us of what she looked like on the night, reminding us that looks are not always the factor in rape.

Hollie Moore during the night of the sexual assault

Hollie Moore during the night of the sexual assault

Her attacker was on bail for over a year before he pleaded guilty in court in November 2014. He was sent to prison this January.

Hollie gave up her legal right to anonymity and gave us her full consent to publish her story. Read the full story in SHUlife Magazine’s Spring Issue in print. You can also view the digital copy by clicking here.

* Main photo by Charlie Heather-Cray. As part of a year-long project for her MA Art Photography degree, Charlie is currently looking for people who have interesting life stories/experiences to share. If you would like to take part in this project and would like more information please contact Charlie Heather-Cray on

Words By: Catherine Christy