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The Showroom Cinema’s 20th Anniversary Appeal

Words by Joshua Powlesland

Since the 3rd of March 1995, people have enjoyed visiting the Showroom Cinema for an enjoyable afternoon/evening’s entertainment. Being wholly independent, the Showroom has been able to screen the most varied (and sometimes obscure) selection of films in Sheffield for the past 20 years, as well as hosting multiple film festivals and other events per year, including the currently ongoing ‘Japanese Season’ which features the best new and classic films from Japanese Cinema.

For their twentieth anniversary, the Showroom have a year-long run of birthday celebrations planned whilst aiming to raise £250,000 for a near full refurbishment of the entire cinema. This plan includes all four screens being updated with new seats and carpeting, an improved foyer area and completely new top of the range lighting and technical equipment to fully immerse the audience.

At the launch event, Chief Executive of the Showroom Cinema Ian Wild said that “our audience trust us to bring them a unique programme of films and events – we show films from around the world as well as ones that are made right here in Sheffield, with lots of big new releases as well as small independent films – but in turn we rely on our cinemagoers to support our work. As a registered charity we depend of the public to keep going – every purchase made here helps, as all our profits have always gone back into the cinema. We do get some support from the government and the lottery, but we really need the public’s help too”.

There will be special fundraising events throughout the year, as well as some year round opportunities ranging from the opportunity for local businesses to take part in sponsorship to individual donations and naming your favourite seat in the newly updated screens.

As part of the birthday celebrations, special anniversary events and screenings will be announced throughout the year, and SHUlife will definitely be bringing you updates as soon as we have them. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on for news from the Showroom in general, as well as Clicking Here for information on how to donate or sponsor the cinema.


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