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Top 5 News Stories: 12th December 2012

Words: Andrew Musgrove

1 – 12/12/12 – Today marked this century’s last sequential date: 12/12/12 and despite a few suggestions that it would bring the world to an end, the most notable reaction was of the numerous of couples worldwide who tied the knot.  Sequential dates, especially in Asia are seen as a lucky omen which brings love and in the UK popular wedding destinations have seen a massive increase in couples wanting to say ‘I do’.  The next sequential date will be just over 88 years away, 01/01/2101.

2- Objections to demolition of former hospital wing – Over a one-hundred letters of objections have been sent in protest of plans to demolish the Edwardian wing of the form Jessop hospital in Sheffield.  The University of Sheffield wishes to replace the grade II listed building with an £80m engineering block but have come up against tough opposition to their plans with former Lord Mayor Sylvia Dunkley backing the campaign to keep the building.

3- Hillsborough inquest given date – A new date has been set to decide whether or not to quash the original ‘accidental death’ verdicts given in 1991 over the those who lost their lives at the Hillsborough disaster in Sheffield, 1989.  Attorney General Dominic Grieve submitted a request for a new inquest to be opened as new evidence has emerged which makes the original verdicts obsolete, the final decision will be made a week today [19th December].

4- UK unemployment falls – The Government were given a boost today as figures showed that unemployment dropped by 82,000 in the months August to October.  Unemployment now stands at 2.51m representing the biggest fall since 2001; figures also showed that the number claiming Job Seekers allowance fell by 3,000 to 1.58million in November.

5- Royal Navy officer jailed – A Royal Navy submariner has been sentenced to eight years in jail for attempts to sell secrets to Russian spies, who turned out to be MI5 agents.  Edward Devenney was said to be angry that he had been overlooked for a promotion and had been ready to ‘betray his country and colleagues.’

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