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Top 5 News Stories: 29th November 2012

Words: Andrew Musgrove

  1. SAS Sniper released by Court of Appeal – Sergent Danny Nightingale has been released after his 18month sentence for illegally possessing a pistol was suspended by the Court of Appeal. Nightingale was arrested after he was found to posses a 9mm Glock pistol and 338 rounds of ammunition, his sentence today was reduced to 12 months and suspended.
  2. The Leveson inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of press publishes it’s report – Lord Leveson today recommended that a new self regulation body should be established and it should be independent of serving editors, government and business. The report also concluded that politicians and press had too close of a relationship but there was no widespread corruption of police by the press. PM David Cameron said however, that has ‘serious concerns’ over the recommendations made by Lord Leveson.
  3. US airline Continental cleared of criminal blame for the Paris Concorde crash of 2000 – A French appeals court has ruled that the American airline was not responsible for the crash that killed all 109 people on board the jet which crashed soon after take off.
  4. Sheffield rubbish tip workers to strike – Workers at household waste tips in Sheffield are planning an indefinite strike in the weeks leading up to Christmas, over a long-running dispute of guaranteed working hours and pay. The dispute had looked to have been settled in the autumn of 2012 but the GMB Union has said Sova Recycling has failed to keep its promises.
  5. Man found in Sheffield street named – A man who died after being found in Arbourthorne Road on 27th November has been named as 19 year-old Travis O’Neil. Police believed he was a passenger in a vehicle which fled the scene after being involved in a crash with with another car. 

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