Top 5 News Stories of the Day – Monday 26th November 2012


Top 5 News Stories of the Day – Monday 26th November 2012

  1. Storms and flooding have moved on to North-East England. Flooding has caused many disruptions to roads, causing closures and safety warnings. Rail travel has been affected, with cancellations and delays. Over 800 homes have been flooded, and there are now over 200 flood warnings. Tonight’s forecast could cause more homes to be evacuated and even more flood warnings across the UK.
  2. Charities say that the NHS has to be quicker publishing reports into how Jimmy Savile was allowed access to hospitals. The health service are now setting up four investigations, including one in each hospital Savile accessed and another inquiry at the Department of Health. He had access to three hospitals which included Stoke Mandeville, Leeds General Infirmary and the high security psychiatric Broadmoor hospital. It is not yet clear what will be involved in these investigations, but previous patients and staff are expected to be involved. The reports from these investigations could take a year. Charities are concerned about who allowed Savile access, and believe the NHS should treat this as urgent.
  3. 60 skilled sector jobs are expected to be created in Sheffield. The jobs have been generated after redevelopment plans for the construction of a hydraulic steel forging press at Firth Rixson, near Meadowhall. This is if the steelworks get permission from the council next week. This investment is expected to create many benefits in the steel city, including skilled engineering jobs. A piece of public art planned to be made, to create a new Sheffield landmark.
  4. A study at Kings College has found that smoking rots the brain. This is after 8800 people were tested by naming as many animls as they could. They found the lower scores were consistent with those participants that smoked. This study aimed to show that smoking damages the brain and memory, not just the body.
  5. Robbie Williams has announced details of a 2013 tour. He will be visiting London, Glasgow and Manchester in the summer. Olly Murs will support him.

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