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IPhone 5 Revealed

Words: Ben Cater

It seems that Apple just can’t keep a lid on the rumour mill when it comes to their latest product announcements. For months there has been speculation as to what the new IPhone will offer users, and for the most part, these rumblings were proved accurate as Tim Cook (Apple CEO) took to the stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Tuesday night.


So are the gossipmongers to blame for an underwhelming reveal of the IPhone 5, probably not. Since the launch of the original model, back in 2007, Apple has tried to keep ahead of it’s competition, predominantly in the form of Microsoft, Android and Samsung by developing innovative concepts for every launch, in an attempt to keep things fresh.


Following the launch event, critics are claiming that this latest reincarnation is evolutionary opposed to the revolutionary step that many considered necessary for Apple to maintain their authority in the smartphone market. Amongst the upgrades to the new phone is the new 4inch screen, allowing for a fifth row of icons on the home screen. Other main changes include its thinner and lighter body, 4G connectivity for some, a new processor, better battery life and a controversial ‘Lightning’ dock connector. Predicted updates that are absent however, include fingerprint recognition, NFC capability for wireless payments and wireless recharging.


A new IPhone wasn’t the only product to receive attention either. The IPod Touch and Nano were granted a facelift too. Boasting the same generous 4inch screen and isight camera as well as an array of different colours and ‘EarPods’ to boot. The Nano also benefits from an increased screen size and improved FM radio as well as better Bluetooth capabilities. Prices for these are available on Apple’s website, whereas pricing for the new IPhone model should be available shortly.


Pre-orders started this morning (14th) for Iphone 5 with a release date of the 21st, however consumers are likely to seriously consider upgrading with IOS6’s arrival in-between on the 19th. Undoubtedly Apple fanboys will flock in droves to get their hands on the shiny new device, savvy shoppers, however, may choose to hold out until next time, stick with their current handsets or even weigh up other options.

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