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Welcome to SHUlife, the student magazine of Sheffield Hallam Union.

SHUlife is a lifestyle magazine that covers a wide area of topics and issues. Aimed at students aged 18-25 representing over 37,000 students, it is a platform for any Sheffield Hallam student that wants to be heard.

The re-branding of the print magazine was launched during Fresher’s week 2013 and it was partnered by this website, unveiled in the same month.

We’re always looking to add to our talented and innovative team of young aspiring journalists, writers, artists and photographers. So if you’re a Sheffield Hallam student and interested in contributing to SHUlife then please find the relevant contact next to the positions of editors below:

Co-Editors in Chief: Catherine Chris, Holly Evans, John Cartwright

Sport Editor: Liam O’Neill

Co-Fashion Editors: Ethan Huntington & Emily Matthews

Co-Music Editors: Charlotte Callingham & Katie Hetherington

Film & Technology Editor: Josh Powlesland

Co-Lifestyle and Culture Editors: Sian Hodkin & Amy Donohoe

Food Editor: Louise Gebhard

Co-News Editors: Karishma Ravalia & Nicola Grummett

Not the opinions of Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union

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