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Album Review: ‘Light Leaks’

Artist: Zager

Album: Light Leaks

Label: Mole Listening Pearls

Release Date: 29th April 2013

Words: Imogen Thomson

“It is about the innocent and eternal moments of our childhood memories. Light Leaks exposes a miraculous and wonderful world where a child enjoys colorful fantasy, ignoring boundaries. It is the child we follow as we go through dreamlands or wonder around in a cosmic utopia.” – Zager

After the release of ‘Space Medusa’ single, Zager fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the full album. Zager have not disappointed. This five-piece, Budapest based band, built up hopes with the free release of their single and have delivered an album to equally high standards. With the release of their last album ‘Cannot Walk, Fly Instead’ being nominated for two MTV Europe Music Awards, the band receiving second place in the Independent Songwriting Competition and their songs being included in the theme tunes for multiple CSI TV series, this album is exactly what we could have hoped to expect for.

The album has a slight sci-fi sound with a psychedelic twist. It’s the type of music you would hear while exploring the depths of space. As well as keeping to the electronic sound associated with this band that fans of this band recognize so well. This band is definitely one to watch, if there is more to come like they have given us already, we are sure to not be disappointed.

Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4.9
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