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Welcome to Shu Radio

SHUradio is the student radio station at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It’s run by students for students, and is the soundtrack and entertainment that anyone can tune in to and enjoy throughout their day. Tuning in will be easy: we plan to broadcast over the internet so you can connect from computers, smartphones, tablets, or any other internet-connected device around the world.

Due to launch in September 2013, SHUradio will be this year’s go-to student society for a unique and enjoyable experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had any experience in radio or broadcasting before coming to University – it doesn’t matter if you’re studying media or if you’re studying something completely unrelated. Get involved in one of the most exciting new societies and be part of shaping the future of SHUradio. Whether you want to be a presenter or a technician, whether you want to produce shows or go out arranging interviews or sponsorship, there is a position for you here. To find out more, visit our Get Involved page.

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