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Feisty and Fabulous – An Interview with Georgina Grogan

Georgina Grogan is just 20 years old and has already harnessed more than a few titles to be proud of. Beauty blogger, social media manager, plus-sized model – this girl has definitely been busy.

Georgina’s blog, She Might Be Loved, began back in 2013 and quickly became popular for a number of reasons. She recently became the face of Scarlett and Jo, and even has a dress that was designed especially for her. Jealous? We wouldn’t blame you.

I managed to catch up with Georgina to quiz her about her success as a full-time blogger and being the face of not one but TWO fashion brands.


*Warning: This interview may contain traces of sarcasm*

Hi Georgina! Let’s start with your blog, She Might Be Loved, where did the idea come from to start a blog and did you know then how popular it would become?

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life so, whilst working in retail, I took a gap year out to ‘find myself’. I started talking more and more about writing a blog, I just needed a vote of confidence to get going. I remember telling my friends at work how much I loved it and how happy it was making me. It became my dream to be able to do it as a job but I never expected it to become more than something that was just making me happy.

You now work as a full-time blogger, why do you think your blog has done so well?

I’m a Social Media Manager too, so that’s my main source of income. It’s weird to think about what has made my blog so popular. I have a background in Cosmetics and I’m a self taught makeup artist which means I go to town on makeup reviews and I’ve struggled with dressing my shape for years, so I have experience in that too. I guess it’s my knowledge and experience in a number of different fields?

You recently became the face of Scarlett and Jo (congratulations), what did it feel like to be asked to represent such a great brand?

I was rather shocked and overwhelmed at the same time. I was already honoured to be having a dress made for me as I apparently inspired Gifi Fields, the owner and designer. I thought it couldn’t

get better than that but then I was asked to go down to London and model the collection with fellow bloggers. A few days later, I was asked to be the face of the company. The story was featured in so many magazines and publications that it made me cry tears of joy. It feels absolutely amazing!

Are there any down-sides to being a plus sized model?

I have only modelled for Scarlett & Jo and recently I was asked to model the vintage dresses for a new brand, BBW Couture. So far, it’s been amazing because I’ve loved everything I’ve been asked to model and they’ve basically been perfect for me. However, I was done up in rather an unusual way which I couldn’t deal with. I like to look like myself so I would much rather be able to do my own hair and makeup or at least have a say in it. I think I’d make a terrible professional model. I couldn’t just sit down, shut up and let someone draw on my brows badly!

Most of us think that high street stores should cater for all sizes, how do you feel about specialist stores? Are they just as ignorant and body-shaming?

Here women can shop knowing that sizes 14-32 will be stocked and that they won’t have to crawl into the back corner of a high street straight-size store for their items in a bigger size. Plus size women now have SO much choice in fashion. Some high street retailers are now realising that they could cater for plus sizes too. They might not always get it right but there is a market for it and I think it’s definitely the way forward. I really don’t mind sticking to my designated fat shops. I know there’s a lot of thought that actually goes into the clothes, it isn’t just about adding a couple more inches here or there like some straight size stores have done.

You joined in with the #WeAreTheThey hashtag after the Jamelia fiasco on Loose Women. How did it feel to be connected to so many women on this subject?

It was absolutely incredible to see so many women come together, agreeing with and even complementing one another. I have a rather large reach on Twitter, so I do think it’s kind of my duty to get involved with things like this. The results were amazing and it was so incredible to see my followers of all shapes and sizes join in with #WeAreTheThey. Everyone was so supportive – it was a big confidence booster for a lot of women. To be honest, it made me really happy and proud. Writing about fashion can help so many women at any size if we just talk about bodies and weight in a positive way.

How does it feel when your followers say that you’re an inspiration or call you a role model?

It makes me tear up, it’s incredibly overwhelming but in the best possible way. I would have never expected to reach so many people and inspire them, as they say. It’s an odd thought that by just writing about how I’m happy with myself, my size and my clothes, other women become happier with themselves and how they look. The amount of people I have telling me I’ve helped just encourages me to carry on.

What have you learnt since becoming a plus sized model?

I’ve learnt that sometimes people will make you ugly but as I’m a blogger and not an official model, I can be a diva and speak up!

Not all women are unhappy with their bodies. The #WeAreTheThey campaign definitely shows that. You seem to be happy in your own skin, what would you say to somebody at home who is feeling self conscious about their figure?

It takes time and patience to get to the point of being truly happy with yourself and some days you won’t feel 100% amazing. It may sound silly to some, but confidence and overcoming being self conscious can sometimes even come with just trying on new things. Go shopping with a friend that will get you in different clothes or find that perfect outfit and style that suits you – these can really do wonders. Reading plus size fashion blogs and following them on social media can be a big help because you’ll see that everyone is just human and they have bad days. Flushing out all negative thoughts on weight and just concentrating on you and your needs as a person really helps. Being happy with ourselves, that’s the true meaning of being healthy.

And finally, you’ve achieved quite a lot for such a young age, what’s next on the agenda for She Might Be Loved?

This question is so difficult because I’ve achieved everything so far by not expecting or wishing for any of it, I simply just found something I love and did it more of it. So I guess on that principle, I just want to carry on being a Social Media Manager and full time blogger and see what comes my way!


Words by Jess Peace

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