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Django Django. The ‘D’ is for dance.

After the release of Django Django’s new album on the 04/15/15 ‘Born Under Saturn’ was so positively received hitting the album charts at number 15, fans couldn’t wait to see what the band had in store when arriving at Sheffield’s Plug last Thursday (14/05/15.) and Georgina Francey has all the info.

They were not disappointed! The band having clearly grown up since there debut album in 2012 were strong, moody and mysterious. The members were quickly in their element working of one another creating a fantastic sound that filled Plugs main room. You could see they were just happy to be there making the most of one another creating an intense dance indie vibe through synthesizers and choppy guitar cords. The band combined plenty of songs from both the first album and the new release giving them a killer playlist featuring well known tracks such as ‘Hail Bop’ and ‘WOR.’

The mood was refined through the powerful light display of strobes and sensuous low lights. Audience members aging from old to young couldn’t stand still dancing around the dance floor creating a warm relaxed atmosphere. When ‘Skies Over Cairo’ started midway through the set fans were hypnotized throwing their arms about and busting out some pretty strange dance moves.

The relaxed atmosphere made the set itself such a success! It was nice to view a band who were clearly there for the music and nothing else. What was most refreshing about watching Django Django was how there was no unhealthy rivalry between band members and no egotistical lead singer who hogged the audiences attention. They shared the limelight and they did it well. This rubbed of on the audience making a friendly atmosphere meaning when the band finished on ‘Silver Rays’ it was a shared experience between everyone. It was magical. Plus the lead singers shirt was pretty fine too.

Words by: Georgina Francey

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