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Spooky Songs

It’s Halloween, a chance to dress up and go out and every party needs a few Halloween anthems.


  • Monster Mash –Bobby Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers

This monster of a song topped the charts in 1962 and it’s been on every Halloween playlist since. It’s niche creepy anthem, with it’s catchy tune and fun lyrics you’ll be singing after the nights over.


  • Thriller- Michael Jackson

It’s the most downloaded Halloween themed song, with downloads of 3.4 million. Everyone knows the lyrics and the signature zombie dance move. It’s even got one of the scariest music videos out there.


  • Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show

This song makes sure you learn your left from your right.  If you don’t want to go out you can always sit in and dance to the movie instead.


  • Disturbia- Rhianna

The video to this song is creepy, with spiders, snakes and some clever camera work. Although it was never intended to be a Halloween song, its dark tone makes it perfect for your spooky playlist.


  • Ghostbusters- Ray Parker, Jr

Every Halloween there is only one answer to this question, “Who ya gonna call?” The soundtrack to the classic film Ghostbusters, is guaranteed to played during Halloween, and this year marks the 30th anniversary of the film- so you can even sing it at the cinema re-release.

  • This is Halloween – Danny Elfman

The opening song to the iconic Halloween/Christmas film reminds us of why Danny Elfman is one of the most well known composers of our generation. If you want a creepier version, check out the Marliyn Manson from 2006.

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