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Hallam’s Gaelic Football Club

Words By: Aisling Kiely
When you say the words ‘Gaelic Football’, people often look at you blankly, wondering what the hell you are talking about – It’s not as complicated as it sounds, honestly! If the name hasn’t already given it away, Gaelic Football is an Irish team sport which is played by both men and women. Think of it as game that has the best of both worlds; you can use both your hands and your feet!, through hand passing, bouncing, kicking and soloing (dropping the ball to a toe –kick in to the hands) .

Sheffield Hallam’s Gaelic Athletic Club was first established back in 2004 and is continuing to grow in both strength and numbers. The diverse club welcomes male and female players from Hallam University and University of Sheffield (we’re all friends here guys) and most importantly of all abilities. Every year the male team participate in the BUCS championship in Birmingham, where the boys continue to do us all proud.

However, we make sure we make time for some banter. Given the Irish roots, we are always up for the craic and sure know how to put on a good social.  We are all gratefully looked after by ‘The Grapes’ on Trippet Lane – which may I add was where the Arctic Monkeys played their first ever gig back in June 2003! – Where we are spoiled with a spread of post-match sandwiches.

Sheffield Hallam's women's Gaelic football team

Sheffield Hallam’s women’s Gaelic football team

The teams train separately, with the girls led by Ben Crossley and the males by Daniel O Maolain. Despite this, when it comes to supporting each other, we are very much one big, happy family. During these training sessions, we work on fitness and technique to prepare us for any upcoming competitions.

The Club trains every Wednesday on Collegiate 3G astropitch, which is just off the main stretch of Eccy Road on Broomgrove Road.  Men’s training is 6-7 later followed by the women 7-8. Around the time of up and coming matches, the teams additionally train every Tuesday at Endcliffe Park. Although both teams play competitively, each player takes every game in good spirit.

Whether you are looking to try out a new sport or are experienced in this field, we encourage you to come along and join in the fun and madness.


Twitter: @sheffhallamgac

Facebook: Sheffield Hallam Gaelic Football Club

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