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You Can Leave Your Hat On…. For Brain Tumour Research!

Words by Roseanne May Cross,

You may or may not have heard about ‘The Hat Stand’ in the Winter Gardens but it’s definitely worth checking out.  See the beautiful headwear designed by Amanda Moon Headwear, Imogen’s Imagination (designed by Sophie Cooke) and Little Denim (designed by Siobhan Nicholson). These three milliners have come together once again to bring you a wide variety of stunning headwear ranging from elegant wildlife pieces to slightly more extravagant designs. Not only are these three lovely ladies coming together to bring Sheffield the best in headwear for special occasions, they have also teamed up to help raise money for a fantastic cause: Brain Tumour Research.


On Friday, 27th March you are all invited to wear a hat (either your own or one made by the three designers) and have your photo taken at ‘The Hat Stand’ in their frame. This will then be part of the online campaign #hattastic. There will also be Brain Tumor Research badges for you to buy via donation, so you can wear these with pride as you help raise awareness for a brilliant charity!

Siobhan Nicholson of Little Denim said “We have followed this event in previous years & when we realised it would coincide with our pop-up shop this year, we knew we wanted to join in. How could we NOT get involved with a campaign that asks us all to ‘Wear a Hat’?”

This charity also holds a special place for one of the designers, Sophie Cooke who sadly lost a best friend from school to a brain tumor in 2007 and since then she has been a keen supporter of Brain Tumour Research and the work they do.

 “For me, as a milliner and as someone who has lost such a close friend to this form of cancer, it goes without saying that I feel this is a charity I want to support.”

So come on over to the Winter Gardens tomorrow or if you’re not in university  then they have extended it until Saturday as well. So get your hat on or borrow one designed by any of the millers and come and join in for ‘Wear A Hat Day’, it’s sure to be a hattastic day to remember!

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All photography by Roseanne May Cross

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