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SHUlife speaks to Nick Clegg ahead of tomorrow’s elections

Catherine Christy, Editor of SHUlife, headed down to Lib Dem’s Sheffield Hallam office to have a chat with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg about what he has in store for young people.

We tried to get all your questions answered. What has he got to say about how he let students down? What does he think to internships being a “who you know” not “what you know” thing? Does he think Labour’s £6000 tuition fee proposal is wise? What about students who struggle to make ends meet due to lack of student finance when they are not from a nuclear family?

Instead of detailing the entire interview out for you, we worked with SHUradio to provide you with a podcast on the lowdown of what to expect next from Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.

Look through our other election articles featuring the Labour party and Green party in our election coverage. We hope this will help fellow SHU students to vote wisely.

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