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King Charles at Plug

Writer Georgina Francey gives us the insight to Sheffield band King Charles. Performing at  Plug or the bands fifteenth tour date meant the singer songwriter knew exactly what he was doing and wasted no time in introducing the audience to his new sound which is expected on his upcoming album. 

On he came in the dead of silence unaccompanied and played out the delicate: ‘Carry Me away’. This was a brave move on his part, being an unfamiliar song, however I think it worked as it made the crowd hungry for more and desperate to see what more he could give us. With that we were not disappointed, this solo track was followed straight by ‘Bam Bam’from King Charles’ debut album ‘Love Blood.’ Now he was accompanied on stage with the drums, guitar and keyboard the audience’s feet were moving and jigging around Plugs tiny dance floor. 

King Charles continued on this high vibe with the sing along tracks from his first album pleasing the audience no end, however I couldn’t help but wait for the tedious amount of new tracks to come. This inevitably happened and although the tracks were executed wonderfully by the band on stage the change in pace between the known dancey tracks to the new slower songs lost some of the audience. However it was a treat to be told how one of the tracks ‘was never meant to be recorded’ but the singer now felt like he was ready to share it with us. 

Overall King Charles put on a good show and made up the continuos amounts of unknown songs in the middle of his set by finishing on the classic ‘Love Lust.’ Now all I can say is I look forward to the release of the upcoming album and how the singers new tender side will be reflected.

Words by Georgina Francey


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