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Lee Evans – Monsters Tour

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Credit: Sian Hodkin

Words by Sian Hodkin

Lee Evans has always been one of my favourite comedians, after coming across a TV re-run of his ‘Big: Live at the O2′ show I’ve been hooked. Evans has a knack for delivering a superb show, he doesn’t just tell jokes, he performs them. So I was more than excited to head to Motorpoint Arena to catch his latest Monsters tour.

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Lee Evans being well, Lee Evans! Credit: Chloe Baxter

We settled down with our Supapints (well worth the £9) and waited eagerly for the show. The lights lowered, the music blasted and on came the 50 year old comedian. Lee Evans has been performing gigs since the nineties and blew onto the scene with his exuberant performances and electric story telling and the rest is history. Regularly performing at arenas across the country and performing 6 dates at the O2 Arena and Wembley combined in 2011. Evans has a dedicated following, who are never disappointed after a show.

The night was no exception, without spoiling some of the jokes, Lee Evans put on a spectacular show. Discussing his experiences of getting older, his marriage and erm, magic kangaroos, all in his extravagant, hilarious style, Lee Evans gives you stomach ache from laughing so hard. There were a few jokes that you’d consider ‘risky’ for his usual style, but he pulled it off and never took it a step too far.

Evans shoots between topics, he’s not a comedian who relies on one liners but he is one that can leave you a little lost if you don’t keep up. The comedian reminds me of  a puppy, so excitable and so welcoming of everyone, what I really loved about the show was just how grateful Lee is to still sell thousands of seats on his tours. Constantly reminding the audience of his love for Sheffield and recollecting just where he started, it’s nice to get those intimate moments from him; the touching tribute to his wife was heartwarming too. Evans has a brilliant voice and an incredible vocal range and it’s a shame a lot of people rushed off to their cars to get out before everyone else and missed the performance.

After the whole set had finished, Evans spent at least another 20 minutes shaking everyone’s hand and taking selfies with his fans; it shows just how down to earth he is and how grateful he is to still have his dream career. Lee Evans is naturally hilarious and his shows are a true display of that. Would definitely recommend buying a ticket if you can!


Motorpoint Arena holds a variety of gigs and performances, you’re sure to find something you’ll love! Source: Geograph

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