Alternative artists, like no others…

Alternative artists are usually defined in today’s media as soft rock, something which tends to avoid being the typical ‘chart music’ but

The Beards

what about the true alternative artists, the ones that are different but brilliant? Our music editor Katie Hetherington gives us the info on those underrated artists

The Australian band known as The Beards certainly fit the different sector of musical genres. From the name you can guess there is nothing mainstream about this band. They are quirky, excitable and highly entertaining. They focus their music entirely around beards, they all have beards and they expect you to have one to.

Sure they sound strange but The Beards are unbelievable artists. They produce epic and certainly unique songs. It’s surprising that the band is that good but they are. And as a plus there gigs aren’t too expensive but would certainly be a night to remember.

Recently they released their album called ‘The Beard Album’ that’s front cover is a beard- but what else would you expect? Likeable tracks from the album are ‘the beards are back,’ ‘all the bearded ladies’ and ‘I like beards.’ Now with titles like that you can’t say your not intrigued. Of course the beards aren’t a typical band but they are a lot of fun, from their songs, to their music videos and their stage presence.

Steel Panther

Then there’s Steel Panther yet another quirky and unique band who seem to have been going forever and wearing skinny brightly patterned jeans. Again the band fun a little derogative but still worth listening to. The song ‘gold digging whore’ does give the impression these men haven’t been lucky with the women.

Yet if a band can bring a smile to your face then why not appreciate them. Sure they sign of beards and gold diggers but isn’t that alternative to chart music? Enjoy quirky artists they’re a breath of fresh air.




Words by: Katie Hetherington

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