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Whilst most of us have been relaxing and chilling out this summer, one Sheffield Hallam student project have been working very hard towards an event that is the pinnacle of their year; the international FSAE Formula Student meeting at Silverstone, which took place in July.


The students who participate in SHU Racing from a range of courses from engineering to English Literature and have worked extremely hard throughout the year in order to produce the car that they presented at Silverstone and their efforts paid off as it was one of their most successful results in their history.


Formula Student is an event that is backed up by big names in the industry such as Ross Brawn and where cars are not only tested on the track but are also tested in the garage as the engineers have to prepare for a series of tests to prove that the car is safe to run and built to a secure standard. It is the perfect platform for those who want a career in the industry to gain a considerable edge over competitors following graduation.


The team did incredibly well in the tech, safety and chassis scrutineering tests and passed all three of them. Unfortunately mechanical issues during the brake test meant that their competition ended a little quicker than they were hoping, 2013/14 was an incredibly successful year for the team and gives us a positive platform to work from for the future, secured some lasting sponsorship from companies who believe in the project as much as they do and they have also increased their profile meaning that they’re a big voice at Sheffield Hallam University.


Students who work on the team are also from a variety of age groups and years of study meaning that they gain vital work experience for their degree and also for their future career as some previous members of the team have since gone on to work for prestigious teams on the Formula One circuit.


During Freshers’ Week, members of SHU Racing are going to be around campus and will be available to discuss possible membership. The team are also hoping to have the car on display for students to see on Hallam Square so you can look at the product of a lot of dedication.


If you want more information on SHU Racing, the work that they do and Formula Student then don’t hesitate to get in contact with them.


You can…

Visit their website:

Email: [email protected]



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