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Taco Bell opens its first UK High Street restaurant in Sheffield

SHUlife were invited to Taco Bell’s party at Ecclesall Road last week and boy were our Editors-in-Chief, Catherine Christy and Holly Evans impressed.


The now open fast food restaurant was the first ever Taco Bell on the UK high street so where else to pick than the student packed city of Sheffield? After all, we do form half of the city’s electorate. It was that much of a big deal, the head office in Southern California had to send a representative down.

The interior design of the double-storey venue is not your typical fast food restaurant or takeaway. It breaks away from that kind of atmosphere as it has more of a hip New Yorker vibe.

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The restaurant was complete with an open plan kitchen where you might find the fun mannered staff breaking into a dance number or two.

The staff dancing away in the kitchen does not compromise their speedy cooking and ready orders.

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An order at the till was brought up to us in no time and all still served with a big smile. This is the thing about Taco Bell staff, they live up to their slogan of Live Mas which means Live More.

The highlight of our evening of food were the Churros. They are to die for and its probably the perfect hangover food. It is full of crispy batter with sugary goodness alongside a pot of hot chocolate sauce dip. Wipe that drool off your face right now.

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The real deal is in the tacos and burritos with prices too low to believe. The team were constantly recommending the Volcano Burrito which is a wrap filled with Cheddar Cheese, Lava Sauce, Sour Cream, Rice with double portions of meat with the choice of Mexican Chicken or beef. This with fries and a drink would cost you £4.79. The portion seemed massive and nearly seemed like a dare.

Another favourite are the Quesadillas, I could not help but grab a couple from the waitresses who were walking around with plates of them for all of us to sample. You can choose from a 3 Cheese Blend (another hangover food option!) and a Creamy Jalapeno sauce with the meat options of Grilled Chicken and Slow Cooked Pork. I went for the Grilled Chicken with the 3 Cheese Blend which provided a moreish taste. It tasted like pizza fillings in a thin wrap which was just the perfect option for carbing up before a night out. The complete meal option for this is £4.69.

The most expensive option in a single meal, the Grilled Stuft Burrito, was just £5.09 and for good reason. That meal is enormous with double portions of meat, 3 Cheese Blend sauce, Refried Beans, Pepper Jack Sauce, Fiesta Salsa and Rice.

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You should thank Nick Dawson, the head of Taco Bell UK and Europe for choosing Ecclesall Road for all you students who want that much needed pick me up. The answer is here. Nick said: “We chose Ecclesall Road because Taco Bell is a youthful brand and we want to be near the youth. Sheffield is also the 5th biggest city in the U.K.” He recalled taking his son during an open day at Sheffield Hallam University and he was impressed with the location.

There were tons of people who turned up to their opening and queued from the day before to get the chance to watch Neck Deep play at the event. The first hundred people in the queue were all treated to free food.

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First customer, Elliott Fairfax was a clear Neck Deep fan and ordered a Chicken Burrito, describing it as “delicious”.


In addition to Sheffield, the UK currently has three Taco Bell concessions in food courts in Lakeside, Basildon and Arndale, Manchester.


Taco Bell

485 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S11 8PP

Have you been to the new Taco Bell? What do you think and what is your favourite item from their menu? You know we love the Churros. Drop a comment below.


Words by: Catherine Christy

Images courtesy of Taco Bell and SHUlife