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SHUlife speaks to Jillian Creasy, Green Party Leader for Sheffield Central

News Editor, Karishma Ravalia spoke to Green Party Leader Jillian Creasy who is running for the Sheffield Central Ward seat. Here is a Q&A style roundup article to brush up on what the Greens are offering us.

SHUlife: What are the Greens policies?

Putting the public at the heart of the NHS

Free education

Bringing railways back into the public’s hand

Action on climate change

Rebuilding the economy

SHUlife: Free education for all, how will that work?

“We mean it when we say free education.”

The Lib Dems went in and promised to cut tution fees, instead raised them. Labour in this election

promise to cut them from £9k to £6k. But the Greens plan on cutting them all together – according

to Jillian the government pay grants and loans anyway so why not give that money to universities to

invest in education.

It’s also about EMA – younger people’s maintenance loan – so they can get to college etc. The

Greens want to work on this. They believe education is good and important for society.

SHUlife: What about the NHS?

The Greens simply want to put more into it. It’s a big employer and they want to stabilise it and

make it even better. They also want to put more money into social care – a pressure on the NHS is

elderly people not coping at home and being put into hospitals – this is something they want to

improve. They want to help elders live a happy and comfortable life from their own home.

SHUlife: What will you do with public transport?

They want to put trains in particular into the public’s hand. But particularly in Sheffield, reducing the

price of fairs, increasing the frequency and quality of buses is key for The Greens. Jillian perhaps

would like to introduce a similar system to the Oyster Card in London where you have a card you top

up and can use it for all buses within the city. “One fair that you pay to travel around the city.”

SHUlife: What are your ideas for climate change?

“This is the one most people associate with the Greens.” The policies that are good for the

environment are also good for people e.g. improving public transport to make a better environment

but to also create more jobs. They go hand in hand for the Greens.

SHUlife: How are you going to boost the economy?

Other parties are saying the only way to solve the economic crisis to cut public services. Greens say

Britain is a very wealthy country and 1% of the country own 50% of the country’s wealth. So they

plan on taxing the wealthy and using that to boost the economy. They’ve got a completely different

view on how to run the country, Jillian said. “There is money in the economy, we just need to use it


SHUlife: How will you help Sheffield in particular?

The Greens believe any money that does come in, part of it should go into helping small businesses.

Sheffield is well known for its independent stores and they want to help them as well as the big


A personal thing for Jillian is looking at how much more food could be grown in Sheffield itself. With

the country importing around half the food we eat, it’s not sustainable and Jillian would like to

improve this.

SHUlife: How do you plan on getting students to vote for you?

We want them to see as a new party which they can get behind. It’s about getting the information

out to them – campaigning, leaflets, posters – and they’ve been doing all of this. Particularly going

onto campuses and being known there but also going around student blocks and being known there.


They already have a group of Green Party students. But going up to students and talking to them is

important for Jillian.


Having been a Sheffield Central Ward city councillor for 11 years Jillian knows the ins and outs of the

city and believes she could do a great job for the city. Being a small party, they don’t expect to form

the next government but do want to have some kind of influence.


So who are you going to vote for?

Words by: Karishma Ravalia