Varsity 2013

Breaking: Varsity football final at Hillsborough postponed

The Sheffield Varsity Women’s and Men’s football finals have been postponed due to the adverse weather conditions.

Other outdoor fixtures have also been postponed such as the Golf at Hillsborough Golf Club and Men’s and Women’s Football and Ruby League at Norton. Downhill cycling has been moved to 7th April and BMX and Time Trial will join the new Finals Day.  The Men’s Hockey First’s will still go ahead however.

All other scheduled fixtures for the day will still go as planned.

Luke MacWilliam, Sports Officer at University of Sheffield said; “I’m devastated by this decision but I am also committed to making the best out of a nightmare situation. I’m still really looking forward to supporting the rest of our teams who will be competing today and tomorrow and the rearranged finals days on April 10th. I’ll continue to work very closely with Josh and the rest of the Varsity planning team to make the Finals day a great event.”

Josh Saydraouten, Sports Officer at Sheffield Hallam University said; “I’m absolutely gutted by this decision however it allows all teams and players concerned to train more and be even better prepared for their Varsity fixtures. We’re now even more determined to make the Hillsborough final the biggest it’s ever been and I will continue to work with Luke and our Varsity planning colleagues to ensure this happens.”

Saydraouten and MacWilliam are disappointed with the postponements.

Saydraouten and MacWilliam are disappointed with the postponements.

All postponed fixtures will be re-arranged for April 10th. Tickets already purchased for the Football final will remain valid for the rearranged event. Anyone wishing to return their ticket can do so by contacting Hallam Union.

For full updates check and SHUlife Sport.

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